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Why Do Investors Choose Orlando Realty & Property Management?


There are a number of reasons that investors and landlords choose Orlando Realty & Property Management, and we’re going to focus on the five things that set us apart from other local management companies.

ORPM’s Capacity for Volume

We can effectively manage your investment portfolio whether it’s one single family home or a collection of diverse properties. We have the staff and the resources to take on additional clients and help you earn more from your rental property. Our ability to provide consistent, reliable services to investors with a high volume of income producing properties is unmatched in Orlando.

ORPM’s Experience with Investors

We have built a reputation around our successful management of investment properties. We routinely work with investment companies and hedge funds to identify opportunities. Our work begins before you even close the deal, and we provide full service property management to every home in your portfolio.

ORPM’s Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping

You won’t have to worry about collecting the necessary documents at tax time or carefully tracking the income and expenses on your properties. We do that for you. We provide accurate and transparent accounting reports on a monthly and annual basis. If you have questions about what’s being earned or spent, you can log into your own portal and see exactly how your properties are performing.

ORPM’s Outstanding Marketing and Advertising

We know that a vacant property is an expensive property. Our strategic marketing initiatives will ensure we attract a large pool of highly qualified tenants. We advertise online in all the places that potential tenants are looking, and we leverage our relationships with the local real estate community to make sure your property is rented fast, for the most amount of rent possible. You’ll get beautiful ads, responsive leasing professionals, and a fast turnover between tenants.

ORPM Increases Your ROI

The best reason to hire us is to increase the return you earn on your investment. Our talented and experienced management team will help you earn more cash flow and increase the value of your asset. With the professional services we provide, you can rely on superior tenants, a well-maintained property, and the liability protection you need to remain successful.

If you have any questions about why we’re the right property management company for you, please contact us at Orlando Realty & Property Management, and we’d be happy to tell you more.