For Property Owners

Add Funds to Your Account

Choose between the options below to add funds to your account:

1. Mail in or drop off check

Mail or drop off a check to our office payable to "Orlando Realty and Property Management". If the funds need to be immediately available, the check must be in the form of a 'cashier's check'.

Our address:
Orlando Realty & Property Management
4700 Millenia Blvd.
Suite 500
Orlando, FL 32839

2. Fund online using Credit Card or PayPal

Use the link below and use your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) or Pay Pal. Please note: You are responsible for all credit card and any other fees charged by either your credit card or Pay Pal. Our office does not charge any fees or make any profit on this transaction, but you are responsible for all fees charged by either or both your credit card and/or Pay Pal. If you want to know the exact fee charged by Pay Pal, please give them a call at: 1-888-221-1161 or 402-935-2050.

Here is an example of the typical fees charged by Pay Pal:

$1000.00 The deposit you wish to make into your owner's account.
+$50.00 ‘Shipping & Handling’ fee you are charged to cover the Pay Pal fees. The more money you deposit, the higher the fee.
$1050.00 Charge to your credit card.
-$48.92 This an example of the potential fee charged by Pay Pal. This fee varies based on the credit card you use & whether the credit card is based in the U.S. This fee will not be higher than the ‘Shipping & Handling’ fee you are charged.
$1001.08 Amount placed into your ORPM owner’s account.

After clicking the "Add to Cart" below, another window will pop up (you may need to turn off your pop up blocker). You can add a flat sum or add in increments, click on the down arrow, scroll to the amount you wish to add to your account and then click "Add to Cart." Once on the Pay Pal screen, change the quantity, then hit "Update Cart" and then hit "Proceed to Checkout."

You will be charged the convenience fee which you can view at checkout. The balance of your payment minus the fee will be the amount placed in your owner's escrow account with us. *Within 10 minutes after completing the transaction you should receive an email from Pay Pal confirming the transaction, please forward that email to (change the subject of the email to the rental property address).) If you do not receive this email, please call Pay Pal at 1-888-221-1161 or 402-935-2050.

Please do not deposit more than $5000.00 into your Owner’s Account on one transaction.


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