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This month's article: "The Legalization of Marijuana - and the Landlord."

Colorado and Washington state have already legalized marijuana and activists in California, Nevada, Arizona and a number of other states will be next on the list most likely.  When will Florida join the list of states that have legalized marijuana?

As a landlord you will have to consider how this will affect your rental property and your leasing practices.  If pot becomes legal in your state, will you be able to prohibit marijuana consumption in your property?  Colorado and Washington rental property owners are facing those questions now.

With marijuana illegal at the federal level (and assuming your lease has a provision prohibiting illegal activity in your property), you probably do not have anything to concern yourself now with. But as more state legalize pot, you may want to consult with an attorney when your lease is prepared regarding prohibiting smoking pot in your property.  Standard language regarding no smoking is a start.   The discussion might be more complicated regarding edible marijuana.

Times are definitely changing.

Good luck.

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