Owner Statements

24/7 Access to Your Account

Welcome to the Owner Portal Page. The Owner Statement Portal page (it will say AppFolio, Inc. on part of the page) will allow you to have your Owner Account Statement emailed to you within 5-15 minutes. It is safe, secure, easy and available 24 hours a day. No passwords are needed because the statement is sent directly to your email address.

After clicking on one of the below links, enter the email address associated with your account with us. Then log into that email account and within 5-30 minutes you will receive an email from us with a link to your statement. Click on the link and you will see your statement.

Owner Login

In order to improve ourselves and hopefully then our service to you, we need to know from you how our team members are performing in their roles. Would you mind taking a few minutes and filling out a brief survey? The feedback you provide will be sent directly to management and will be used for training purposes.

ORPM Survey