We wanted to let you know about a great new benefit for maintenance and repair services available to Owners like you - The Repairman, LLC. The goal of The Repairman is to create advantages for rental property Owners - including priority for service, quality control, and highly competitive pricing. Orlando Realty and Property Management "ORPM" has established an affiliated business relationship with The Repairman, LLC (“TRM”). ORPM is owned and operated by Jason C. Myers and TRM is owned and operated by Jason C. Myers.

Of course, as a result of this relationship, the owners of ORPM could indirectly receive a financial or other benefit as a result of any monies paid to TRM by you or on your behalf. If for some reason you do not wish to have TRM provide service at your property, please CLICK HERE, download the attached document and send to our office not later than January 31, 2014. If we do not hear from you by that date we will look for TRM to provide outstanding service for you, the Tenant and your property.

Why did Mr. Myers create TRM? Through the years ORPM clients, realtors, friends, etc. would ask him for referrals of a good handyman, so he decided to create his own handyman service company. Mr. Myers also wanted to ensure that ORPM's clients and other real estate professionals received quality handyman work at a fair price.

Will ORPM require me to use TRM as a condition of management services? No. We want you to know that ORPM does not and will not ever require you to use TRM as a condition for management services by ORPM. You are free to shop around to compare services and rates from the other maintenance and repair service providers available in the marketplace.

How will I know I will receive quality workmanship? Mr. Myers has hired two technicians that have done great work for him/ORPM for many, many years and will be The Repairman employees. Like any quality vendor, the work is warranted.

Will ORPM still work with our outside vendors? Definitely, along with the over 40 vendors that provide services to our clients, ORPM will still ask other handyman companies for estimates when needed and to provide quality handyman services at a fair price.

What are some of the other benefits of having TRM provide services for ORPM?

Quality workmanship. Having licensed and insured TRM employees doing the work right the first time will reduce the amount of time our Property Managers spend on maintenance items, thus allowing them to be more helpful to you.

Professionalism. A professional vehicle has been purchased which is wrapped in company logo, information. TRM shirts have been made along with lanyards identifying themselves as employees of TRM. TRM employees will of course, because of the nature of the position, at times become unclean, but overall will look professional when meeting with clients.

Timeliness of repairs. Having more control over the time and date of when a service is provided is one of the major reasons TRM was created. Example: A tenant contacts us of a maintenance repair, it will be easier to say to TRM (vs. another vendor) please go to the following property ______ ASAP. If the tenant is 'wowed' on the service, they are more likely to renew the lease. Thus reducing the time between tenants and lowering your leasing fees!

Will I, a rental owner or other client of ORPM, receive a discount from TRM? Yes.

If you have any questions, please let us know, otherwise, thank you again for your business. Have a great day!